• How To Find A Reputable Roofing Contractor

There are many ways to find a reputable roofing contractor in Philadelphia.  Many people prefer to use the “word of mouth” process when looking for a reliable, honest roofing contractor.  It is always a great way to find a company you can trust through another person’s experience with the same company.  Referrals are great when it comes to many things such as good food, good movies and in our case finding a good service.

With unlimited access to the internet, there are several key resources that boast there own type of “referral service”.

Another popular service-referral site, one can visit in search of a roofing contractor is Angie’s list at www.AngiesList.com.  Angie’s list also delivers a data base of local Philadelphia roofing companies with an A+ thru F rating.  What makes Angie’s list a little different is the reviews that are given by real Philadelphia roofing contractor customers.  They are given first hand by people who have dealt with the roofing company from start to finish.  Real roofing company customers can rate the company they have contacted in areas such as punctuality, responsiveness, price, and and overall rating.  Angie’s list members (which can now join for free) can also write a detailed review of their experience with the roofing company they chose or others that they have contacted and decided not to hire.

There are many other sites online that can point you in the direction of a great, honest, affordable and reliable roofing company.  Some others are Google plus, Yelp, Roofing Networks, etc.  But in my experience Angie’s list are the most thorough online data base in finding some exceptional roofing contractors to help with your roofing project!

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