Nor’Easter hits Philadelphia

On January 23rd 2017 a Nor’easter hit Philadelphia!  Though not as damaging as past storms, the high winds have caused heavy rains and extremely high winds.  Winds that have ripped tree limbs off while causing others to fall, have been seen throughout the Philadelphia area.

Nor’Easter’s tend to do significantly more damage along the shoreline but being a resident of the Philadelphia area, I can say that the amount of damage in our area is also high.  Soaking rains and high winds have done their job in destroying people’s roofs.  Roof damage, leads to water intrusion which in turn leads to interior damage.

Universal Roofing & Contracting will help the area get through the storm.  We have already received many phone calls or various problems resulting in the past few day’s weather.  Trees have fallen through roofs.  Shingle roofs are experiencing missing shingles while other people have lost more than ½ their roof.

Flat roofs, seen throughout the Philadelphia area, have been peeled back, leaving one’s home completely exposed to the elements.  While others are experiencing leaking due to heavy, pounding rains that eventually flood older roof systems leading to water leakage to the interior of one’s home.

Universal Roofing & Contracting is working diligently to help people in these emergency situations.  We offer emergency roof repairs.  In situations where a roof is blown off, Universal Roofing can help.  We provide emergency service to tarp exposed roof areas.  We provide emergency repairs on flat roofs such as sealing openings and holes.  We can temporarily repair your roof to keep your home safe, in the process of filing a claim with your homeowner’s insurance.  We can also provide customers with an estimated cost of repairing their existing roof or in dire cases replacing their entire existing roof system.  Roof repairs and roof replacements can be done in a timely manner to eliminate more damage that can occur by water to the interior of one’s home.