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Green/Eco-friendly roofs
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What do we mean by Green/Eco roofing?

Green roofs are literally green. A green roof is a roof covered in grass, moss, sod or other green vegetation on it. A rooftop garden can also be considered part of a green roof. Green roofs have numerous benefits from being good for the environment, to energy saving. The original concept behind modern green roofs is to be a way to offset lost green space due to construction. When a home is built, a patch of green space that was there previously disappears. By planting on the roof you can offset some or all of the effects of losing that green space from an environmental stand point.

A well designed green roof will have financial benefits as well. Green roofs can help reduce your home energy use. A green roof can lower both your heating bill in the winter, and reduce the amount of work your air conditioning unit needs to do to keep your house cool in the summer. In addition green roofs last longer than traditional roofs. The vegetation on the roof protects the roof from elements that over time wear out your roof. Finally another little known fact about green roofs is that they absorb sound more effectively than green roofs. This means if you live near an airport, a green roof can actually dampen the noise from planes landing and taking off.

Other Eco-friendly roofs

Not ready to take the plunge and build a green roof? That’s ok, Universal Roofing Philadelphia also has the ability to install other types of eco-friendly roofs. The two most common alternatives to a green roof are cool roofs and solar roofs. A Solar roof is a traditional roof that has photovoltaic cells in the form of panels on the roof. This active solar system generates electricity in direct sunlight, and can be patched into your homes electrical supply helping to reduce your electricity usage during the day when rates from the power company are highest.

Still concerned about how your roof will look?

You don’t need to put solar cells or vegetation onto your house to create an eco-friendly roof. A cool roof is an excellent alternative. Cool Roofs are roofs that use special shingles that are designed to reflect heat. On a hot summer day in Philadelphia, a traditional roof can reach almost 200 degrees in direct sunlight. This can significantly increase your heating bill. A cool roof mitigates this by reflecting the majority of that energy away from your house. A cool roof will only increase the temperature of the roof by 10 – 25 degrees. This can result in a 15% reduction in the annual energy your air conditioner consumes cooling your house.

Universal Roofing is owned and operated locally. Because we live work and play locally, we have a vested interest in improving our community. We believe in eco-friendly roofs not because they last longer and save our customers money, but because they help make Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey a better place to live. Green Roofs improve air quality, and can help mitigate the urban heat island effect. Whatever the situation, Universal Roofing believes that eco-friendly roofs are the right decision for you and the neighborhood you live in.

Already have an eco friendly roof in need of repair or maintenance?

No problem, our expert roofers will also happily repair your eco-friendly roof, even if we didn’t install the roof.

Are you curious about your eco-friendly roofing options? Give Universal Roofing a call today. We’re Philadelphia’s & Southern New Jersey’s roofing experts. We’ll give you a free consultation on the best roofing system for you, and show you how your new roof can potentially help your bottom line, and the environment.