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Welcome to  Universal Roofing and Contracting new website and blog.   As a local philadelphian and raising my family in the city I am a dedicated roofer, roofing company and general contractor.  I will posting information, from time to time that we hope you feel is interesting.  We are a full service roofing company serving Center City Philly, all parts of the City and Philadelphia pa suburbs.

Here is a recent post from Planet Save

One of the best features of solar panels is that they emit no greenhouse gas emissions or other pollution. Additionally, the fuel is free and there’s no risk of it increasing in price over the coming years.

Adding solar panels to your roof will not only make your home more energy efficient, but will also help you to save a substantial amount. According to the STA, solar thermal heating can provide a family of four with 50-65% of their hot water needs per year.

Although solar panels may seem expensive when you first buy them, they are a great investment and offer great value for money. Regardless of the weather conditions, solar panels will stand the test of time and will help you to be more energy-efficient within the home. It many places now, you’ll get a very good return on your investment, with the solar panels paying for themselves within a handful of years, and then you “making money” on your electricity bill savings for many more, perhaps even for decades!