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Are you considering roofing companies Philadelphia PA for your home project? Call 215-425-5737, let Universal Roofing show you why their name has become a household word in the greater Philly area. Universal Roofing is committed to your complete satisfaction, whether you have a small roof repair that needs attention, are facing a complete roof replacement or are in need of other services from a roofing contractor.

Universal Roofing is a leader in the Philly region in green eco-roofing installations and techniques. Not every homeowner is vested in the economy enough to consider a roof that is covered in grass, moss, sod or another type of green vegetation on it, but take heart, there are numerous options for the eco-conscious.

If you have considered going green, you’ll find a wealth of environmental benefits to owning a green roof, along with numerous financial advantages, including a reduction in your home’s energy use. The vegetation on your roof will also protect the materials on your roof from the elements that typically wear out the roofing system. The unique sound-absorbing quality of a green roof make them desirable in homes around an airport or near a railroad intersection.

If a green roof is just not your style, you can benefit as well from a solar roof or a ‘cool’ roof, both alternatives to green, vegetation coverings. Not all roofing companies in the Philadelphia, PA area offer solar roofing services, however, Universal Roofing feels that by offering this type of alternative roofing style, they can help homeowners save money in the long run. Active solar panels generate electricity in direct sunlight that can be used immediately or stored for future use.

Many homeowners today are taking advantage of innovative new ‘cool’ roof shingles that reflect heat. It may surprise you to learn than on hot Philadelphia summer days, the temperature of a tradition roof can reach almost 200 degrees. The hot sun beating down on your home throughout the day can significantly increase your cooling bill. A cool roof reflects the majority of energy away from your home, allowing a very modest temp increase of only about 10-25 degrees.

The owners of Universal Roofing live, work and play locally, being vested in the improvement of the community. They believe in eco-friendly roofs because they have the potential to last longer, save customers money and make a difference in the lives of homeowners in the Philly area. Green roofs not only improve the quality of air in a neighborhood, they can also help to reduce the urban heat island effect.

If you’ve called other roofing companies around Philadelphia, PA but haven’t heard anything to your liking, consider making a call to Universal Roofing at 215-425-5737. Their experts are dedicated to serving you through providing a fast and accurate estimate of the job, offering you a wide range of options for your project, and in the end, doing the job right the first time to your complete satisfaction.

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