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Call 215-425-5737 Universal Roofing Philadelphia PA offers affordable, reliable metal and copper roof installations in the Metro PA area for home and business owners looking at their roofing options. Homeowners are often very surprised to learn how durable and affordable a metal roof is, and are always pleased with the beauty it adds to their home.

A metal roof is a great option when considering roofing materials, and there are numerous benefits associated with owning a metal roof. One of the greatest advantages perhaps is that there are so many types of metal roofing materials, including metal, shingle/slate, metal tile, metal shake, vertical panels and natural metals. Choose from steel, aluminum, copper, zinc and titanium.

Consider your options:

– Metal Shingle/Slate is able to create the distinctive look of smooth and uniform slate tiles at a great price.

– Metal Tiles offer a dual benefit: the graceful curves of classic tile, with the strength and lightness that only comes with stone-coated steel.

– Metal Shake offers the authentic look of wood, while offering the advantage of being able to choose from a wide range of colors, and being more durable than wood, metal shake will last longer.

– Vertical Panel Tiles make a great choice for commercial, industrial and farm buildings, as well as quaint homes where the homeowner may prefer the look of panels.

– Natural metal panels. These are perfect for urban districts and historical settings, as well, offering the environmentally-friendly advantage of being 100% recyclable.

Universal Roofing in Philadelphia, PA welcomes your questions about installing a metal roof. Feel free to call their office at 215-425-5737. You’ll find there are numerous benefits in choosing a metal roof over a more traditional roof system, including all of the following:

– Your investment in a metal roof is a safe one. Although metal is expensive, a properly installed metal roof can last a lifetime, while a more traditional roof must be replaced every 15-20 years, on average. Your metal roof will increase the value of your home as well.

– There are so many styles, finishes and colors to choose from with a metal roof, you may be surprised to discover the options available to a homeowner today who chooses a metal roof. Yesterday’s choice of 3 colors is long, long gone.

– Metal roofs have the ability to reflect heat to reduce cooling costs in the summer.

Be cautious of myths surrounding metal roofing that are simply not true. A metal roof does not increase the likelihood of being struck by lightning, when installed correctly, it is not any more noisy than a tradition roof, is coated for a lifetime of protection and will not rust, and can stand decades of abuse from the elements without denting.

For more information on the installation of a metal roof, contact Universal Roofing in Philadelphia, PA. Their expert contractors will be happy to answer any questions you may have, provide an estimate of the job and correctly install your metal roof the first time, for your complete satisfaction.

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