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Not all roofing contractors Philadelphia PA area offer the range of services provided by Universal Roofing, which is one reason they have become the roofers locals rely on as their first choice when roofing and similar issues arise, so call 215-425-5737. Being reliable throughout the community has brought with it a reputation for excellence that is rarely seen today in a contractor.

Universal serves the Philadelphia and surrounding Philly suburbs with a vast range of services that include emergency roof leak repairs, numerous choices in roof replacements, green and eco-friendly roof options, traditional asphalt shingle roofing, copper and metal roofs, cedar shingle roofs, gutter repair & replacement, window, door and shutter services and skylight installations.

If you’ve ever considered a Skylight or a Sun Tunnel in your home, you’ll find that with new technology and innovative materials available, there’s never been a better time to have one installed. As expert roofing contractors in the Philadelphia, PA area, Universal Roofing offers affordable Skylight and Sun Tunnel installations and replacements.

You don’t have to look very far to find a list of the benefits afforded by the installation of a Sky Light. Aside from the ability to save the homeowner on their energy bills, a Sky Light offers a virtual wealth of advantages over electric lighting. Consider a few of the following benefits:

– Most homeowners think of a Sky Light’s ability to save energy in the home and conclude that the savings versus the cost of installation are about the same, and rarely look any further into the project, when in truth, the cost savings are just the beginning!

– Natural light has an interesting effect on an interior room in a home, allowing the natural flow of light instead of light coming down at odd angles, casting shadows and creating dark portions of a room. This is an area where a Sky Light really shines, as they are able to balance the light coming into the room. Universal Roofing invites you to look at photos on their website at to compare for yourself.

– The installation of an electric venting skylight can further reduce your electric bill by being opened on warm days to release pent-up heat that pools in the upper chambers of your home. A small opening in the chimney or an exhaust source will create a constant flow of cooler, fresher air coming in and warmer air being released throughout the day. You’ll notice a significantly cooler home as fresh air circulates.

– In areas of Philadelphia where homes are close together, homeowners prefer light from above rather than large, open windows to let in sunlight; the privacy afforded is a tremendous benefit.

For more information about a Sky Light installation, replacement or repair, call the roofing contractors in Philadelphia, PA who will install your Sky Light correctly the first time, in a short amount of time, with a 10 year leak-free warranty. You’ll find a Sky Light to be a cost-efficient, affordable solution to poor lighting conditions in your home.

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